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Reach your business goal. Discover ways to work with and delegate effectively to any employee. Find out how to hire the perfect person for the job. Learn how to help others learn to help you.


Understand how people think and what to expect from them. Learn how to understand yourself and how to reach your highest potential using your unique talents.


You can be happy, successful, loved and get your needs met. It’s time to feel the joy of living. Find out how to untie those frustrating knots of life that have held you back for so long.




As a professionally trained and experienced Life Coach, I have the tools and skills to look at your issue objectively. I help you understand your options and create a plan you can follow to fulfill your dreams, to help you create the life you imagine. 

Together we discuss your issues. You decide on possible solutions. You try them and we define them until they are a perfect match to your situation. Everyone is happy. This is directive coaching.



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