Untying the knots of emotional abuse


Untying the knots of life

Welcome to LifeSkills International where you can get help with abuse and empowerment.

 “We all have possibilities we don’t know about. We can do things we don’t even dream we can do.” - Dale Carnegie

If you are now or have been in an emotional abusive situation or having difficulty in a relationship, you can work through it to achieve the happiness and self esteem you long for. 

I offer you:

- Calmness in a stressful situation.

- A listening ear. My full attention is on you.

- Understanding. I’ve been there. 

- Someone who cares, to help you be the person you were meant to be.

- Self-awareness. You have a right to your thoughts and feelings.

- Emotional support when you think you’re losing your mind

- Encouragement and empowerment. Things will work out.

- Peace of mind.

- Healing, building up your self worth. Reminding you that you have value.

- Emotional strength

- Guidance. creative ideas, tools and options for you to consider.

- Confidentiality


Emotional abuse is when someone controls your ability to make your own decisions through words meant to diminish you as a person or by emotionally making you bend to their will. It damages your belief in yourself. Although it may become physical abuse, it is sometimes more dangerous. Your wounds are on the inside. You may feel like you have been beaten because of the way you were treated. You need healing. 

I would like to know your most pressing need. Take a moment to tell me what is most upsetting  for you. What question do you unrelentingly search for an answer to in an emotionally abusive relationship or if you have come out of one and find that your emotions are still reacting to the abuse. Please fill out the form below. 


If you are having trouble in a relationship that is not abusive, understanding how you naturally handle a situation and how the other person naturally handles the same situation helps you realize that you are okay. There is nothing wrong with you. Recognizing the way the other person naturally thinks means it is okay for him. It just means there is a clash. You begin to understand what is going on and can work things out. We can discuss your thoughts and feelings and get a clearer picture of a solution.


You were born with potential. You have talents and traits that will bring you happiness when you work with them, develop them, help others because of them. You develop understanding. You make healthy choices, achieve goals you want, recognize how much value you have as a well rounded person. When you are working on your heart’s desire, you have more energy, extreme satisfaction and happiness. Your life has meaning.


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I am not affiliated with Life Skills International at lifeskillsIntl.org, founded by Dr. Paul Hegstrom. I help abused victims. I do not try to help abusers. That is beyond my scope. 

I create products and coaching services that I believe will help you become a more effective communicator, leader and lead a happier, more successful life. I also work to ensure that the information is accurate and useful for most people in most situations. However, the information and guidance I offer is general in nature, and it may not fit your specific situation. I offer no warranty or guarantee, either express or implied, that the information and suggestions offered through this site will address or correct your specific issue or concern.

I have a free consultation for you to get to know me and decide if you want to go further.