1. Think and plan first.

2.  Clarify the responsibility and results intended.

3.  Select the right person.

4.  Decide on the authority level.  

General Levels of Authority

  • Get the facts. I'll decide.
  • Explain alternatives. I'll decide.
  • Recommend an alternative. I'll decide. 
  • Decide. Wait for my approval.
    • Decide. Act unless I say no.
    • Act. Report results.
    • Act. Report-if-unsuccessful
    • Act. Reporting not needed. 

5.  Decide on controls and checkpoints. What are the rules?

6.  Create a Motivating environment.

7.  Hold him accountable.

1.  Delegate enough authority to enable the other person to accomplish the intended results.
2.  Decide how you will control the task before you delegate it.
3.  Consider the personality style of the person to whom you are delegating.
4.  Don't interfere, undercut, overrule or reverse another's decisions.
5.  Use mistakes as a learning process.
6.  Write out the important details of the delegation. Give the person a copy.  
7. Hold him accountable. 

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