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I help you achieve success! I share my knowledge and information with you. You  learn new ways to do things, new abilities, new strengths about yourself. I  encourage you to use those strengths and abilities to their fullest extent.  


  • What am I committed to? 
  • What do I expect to gain from my business? 
  • How can my business improve by having a coach?
  • Am I willing to have an attitude which says that my coach and I will work together to help me move forward and that together we can get the results I desire? 
  • Do I expect my coach to assume total responsibility for my reaching my goal, or am I willing to share that responsibility with her? Do I want to simply give her money and expect her to fix everything or for us to work together to get the help I need in the areas I need help in and the areas she is knowledgeable in? 

There is a saying:

"Give me a fish, and I eat for a day; Teach me to fish and I eat for a lifetime."


  • Recognize strengths and utilize them to their fullest.
  • Choose and structure your mission, your goal for the company and/or your position in the company. I will help you reach that goal.
  • Understand that it is YOUR mission. It came from your heart. You will succeed!
  • Learn how to lead instead of manage your employees. You will understand how they think, what they need from you and how to help them succeed at whatever you ask of them.
  • Remember that you ARE A WINNER!

We make decisions all the time. Decide to move forward with your goals and objectives. This is how you achieve SUCCESS

When I coach you, neither of us will be successful unless you are willing to put in the effort needed. It requires dialogue, both of us interacting. Otherwise, I will not know how you think or feel about what is suggested and that means I can not go further. You will have stopped me dead in the water. Your interaction with me, brainstorming with me helps me to better understand you, your comfort zone and how to help you. 

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