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Short story on marketing with business cards is to get your card to the right person at the right time. It is a matter of numbers and timing. Basically, any and every time you are able, put your cards out. Below are a few suggestions.


Use the business card as a coupon. “Bring it in next time you come into the store or use our services and get a free gift or a percent off.” This can also work with “bogo” buy one, get one free or half price, etc. This applies to anything you are marketing. A magnetized card also works well.

Attach small gifts to them. If you have samples, use them and attach the card to them. This works well at networking meetings. On person gave  a small packet of cleaner for glasses or screens. Having your logo on it and contact information also helps.


Exchange cards with others and make it a point to ask for a lunch date where the two of you can get together and learn more about each other’s business. This helps them to understand your business better and you to promote their business. 


Leave your cards on display anywhere a business will allow and go back often and refill. If they are gone, it means people are interested in you business. If there is a bulletin board, make sure you put your card up there. I knew an artist who put her card in an art store bulletin board and she got a job that lasted for years painting for a model railroad.


Ask the manager of a store or restaurant if you can provide a large jar for people to put their business card in and have a drawing for a free dinner for two at that restaurant or receive a product the business has. It is a win win for everyone. Each card is a lead to follow up on. 


Enclose cards with every thing you send by snail mail. Always leave a card at your local bank. They get to know you over a period of time and learn to trust you whatever business you are in. They also meet many people over the course of the day and may remember that you are available for something the customer needs.


Always take cards everywhere you go. Keep some in the car and get into the habit of carrying some when you go into a store, doctor’s office, business, etc. Leave them with your tip when you pay at a restaurant.


Make sure your card says enough about your business to encourage people to look into it more closely. Your business name or tag line must get their attention. If you need to, print more than one style for each target market. 

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